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Seeking only the best!!  The 2015 AKASPORT Job Application can be found in our Contact Us link(12/29)

Its official... AKASPORT is coming to Coon Rapids Ice Center this summer!  Registration is now open.  Check out our programs page for more information(12/15)

Registration for the 2015 AKA All Sports Camp at the National Sports Center is now open.  Check out our programs page for more information.  (11/2)

Last Day of the 2014 AKA All Sports Summer Camp...Thank you all for taking part in such a wonderful summer experience.  Have a great rest of the year!  (8/29)


We turn 10 today!!  June 4, 2004 - 2014!!  Thanks for all your support!! Join us anytime from 4:00-8:00pm this evening for our Anniversary gathering and AKA All Sports Camp OPEN HOUSE at the NSC Schwan's Super Rink, Rink 7/8.  (6/4)


Can Playing Ball be Bad for Children?  Great discussion in the NY Times thanks to a very worthy panel including our favorite U of MN faculty member, Dr. Nicole LaVoi.

Give Children Variety and Time Off!!


Happy New Year!!  We are now in our 11th year and will be another colossal year for AKASPORT programs and active family entertainment.  More camps, more locations, more schools, greater charitable outreach and family focused programs!  Stay tuned...We look forward to providing healthy and exciting opportunities through sport with all of you! 

Our mission is simple - Keep kids and families well rounded through Sport, Fitness, and Recreation.  Sport is fun, educational, and so worldly diverse that the possibilities are endless.  Sport is a vehicle to keep kids active and healthy, enthused through social interaction and participation, and above all sport keeps the kid in all of us.

AKASPORT is a 501(c)3 Minnesota Nonprofit Organization designed to provide sports programs and camps to support youth and family activity and to teach life's lessons to kids.  Above all we want the kids to be safe and to have FUN!

Take the time to browse our website and let us know what we can do to help you and the family. 

All the best from AKASPORT!